Visit, Learn, and Make Friends

Guests are welcome to our monthly meetings.  Trying to decide what equipment you might need?  Wondering what people find? Are you new to detecting?  Want to learn more about techniques for hunting?  We have an extensive library of books on topics we might need to identify items we find..  Our meetings are open to interested new hunters.  We have monthly raffles and refreshments for all who come.

Next Meeting

Our Next Meeting wil be March 20th at the The Workshop Woman's Club  located at 72 Columbus Street, Newton Highlands.


Doors open at 7:00 P.M   Meeting begins at 8:00 P.M.  FEBRUARY MEETING CANCELLED  DUE TO PARKING PROBLEMS.


Finds of the Month for the March 20th meeting will include all finds made for the past two months, since the January meeting.


The Latest Table Finds have been posted.

Member Finds from One Spot




One member has had a great experience working in one particular area.


His finds include all of the pictured items including a War of 1812 Sword Belt that won "Relic Find of the Year"

for 2014 .


As you can see much research was done to identify some of the items that were all part of history waiting just below the soil.  Irish Pennys, Button from NY military regiments, and many other items from the 1800's.


Come join us if you are interested in finding History!

It's In the Bag

It was 10 days before Thanksgiving, 2012.

My phone rang and it was Maura, my 20-something neighbor. She had been catching up with Facebook entries of a friend she’s known since elementary school. She noticed a rather frantic post by her friend, asking if anyone knew someone with a metal detector. Her grandmother had lost her gold wedding band and was convinced it happened while bagging fall leaves in her yard.

I hadn’t been out detecting for months, so I put fresh batteries in my Whites Spectrum XLT. The next afternoon, Maura and I drove the short distance to Kay’s house. We had a beautiful, crisp fall day for “the hunt”. Just in case we had success, I also brought my digital camera to record a “happy ending”.
Using my custom-modified Jewelry/Coin program on the XLT, I was confident that if the ring passed near my coil, I’d hear it. If the ring was indeed in one of the three leaf bags, I was hoping it wasn’t at the center, which was about nine inches from the outside of the bag and possibly more difficult to detect. I also did not want to dump the leaves out on the lawn but it might come to that.

From the start of the actual search to when Kay put the ring on her finger, it took only about 15 minutes, the shortest time I’ve ever spent searching for a lost ring. What a feeling to be able to find and return that sweet lady’s ring !                                              

Jim M.        Read the whole story




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