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January 2017

These are the Winning Finds of the Month from the latest monthly meeting

Winners in each category appear.  BOT designates Best on the Table

Royal African Elephant Token-BOT
Royal African Elephant Token-BOT
Royal African Elephant Token-BOT
1945 Half Dollar
Gold Filled Pocket Watch
1778 1/2 Reale



Revised December, 2014            DOCUMENTS       Level Point Chart       FoM         Definitions    


At each meeting, members may enter finds on the Find of the Month table.

Here, items compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes within four categories, and overall Best on Table (BoT). Members also accumulate points, based on the level of their entries, and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places, toward “Treasure Hunter” rankings at the end of the year. Those finishing with top point counts are awarded prizes, with the member accumulating the most points declared “Treasure Hunter of the Year.”


Finds Entry

Club members in good standing may enter one item in each of 4 categories:  Coins Before 1900; Coins, 1900 & Later; Jewelry; Relics.

Each entry is made by filling out a slip for the appropriate category and assigning a point level to the find from the Point Level Chart. See “Definitions” on back of Point Level Chart for guidelines in determining appropriate category. If necessary, table judges are available for assistance in determining categories and assigning proper point levels.  It is the entrant’s responsibility to properly ID his/her finds, preferably in advance of the meeting. Though judges may be consulted in this regard, there should be no expectation of their being able to make an ID.


A find must be fully documented in order to achieve maximum point level status.

For jewelry, this means that metal must be marked, tested or appraised to support a claim as to content.  Precious stones must be appraised as such, or in the case of diamond, be certified by using the club’s diamond tester. Coins, their dates and mintmarks, must be plainly recognizable as claimed. Relics should be positively identified in a recognized reference, or on an expert web site. Claims as to date, if not inscribed on the item, must be supported, as above.


Undocumented finds may be assigned a lower probable L-level, at the discretion of the judges.

An item judges deem to be questionable as to stated age, composition, description and/or having been found while metal detecting (see below), may be marked as such, by application of a stamped question mark [?] to the entry slip.

A member must be present to make an entry.

Entries must have been found within the time period between the last and present meetings.

Items must have been found while using a metal detector, though they need not be made of metal.



Club members in good standing, and, (if a family membership), one additional family member residing in the same household, may each cast one vote for a favorite item in each of the 4 categories.  Indicate choices by writing an entry’s assigned number on the appropriate line on the voting slip.

Additionally, each member should cast a vote for “Best on Table” by entering, on the fifth line, the assigned number of the item felt to be most deserving of that title.

Votes should be based strictly on the merit of items, without regard to finder.



When all voting slips have been submitted, votes will be tallied, and winners announced. Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows:

3rd Place:   silver dime and 1 point

2nd Place:  silver quarter and 3 points

1st Place:   silver half and 5 points

The exception is the one item receiving the most “Best on Table” (BoT) votes, across categories. This entry will be proclaimed the BoT and receive the following:

                               BoT:  1 oz. silver round or silver dollar and 7 points

This BoT prize and the corresponding 7 points will be awarded instead of any prize won for placing in a category.

Note that a BoT winner isn’t necessarily a category 1st (or any) place winner. So, for example, one can win second place in a category and still be voted BoT.

To follow the example, this winning entry would earn a silver round/dollar and 7 points for BoT, but not the silver quarter or 3 points for placing second in its category.

An entry must receive a minimum of 3 votes in order to place. Therefore, it is possible that some prizes will not be awarded in a given month.


Ties for Category Place

Normally, there will be no ties for any place in a category. If the number of votes for items in a category is the same, the higher place will be awarded to the entry with the greatest number of votes for Best on Table. Should that also result in a tie, the higher place would go to the item with the higher point level.

In the rare instance that the preceding fails to break the tie, more than one prize (with the corresponding points) will be awarded for that place. For example, if 1st place remains tied, points and prizes will be awarded for both 1st places, as well as a 3rd place. No 2nd place will be awarded. Likewise, if 2nd place remains tied, both 2nd places and a 1st place (but no 3rd place) will be awarded.


Club members in good standing, and, (if a family membership), family members residing in the same household, may each cast one vote for a favorite item in each of the 4 categories.  Indicate choices by writing an entry’s assigned number on the appropriate line on the voting slip.


Treasure Hunter Rankings & TH’er of the Year

Points earned as a result of FoM table entries and wins will be tallied each month and posted, along with entrant standings, in the club newsletter. Points will accrue from the January through December meetings of a calendar year. At the end of the year, members will be ranked by number of accrued points. Those in the top 7 will be awarded prizes, with the member having the most points proclaimed “Treasure Hunter of the Year,” earning him/her a commemorative plaque and a special prize.

Finds of the Year

Every year, at the January meeting, members may enter exceptional items found during the previous year (items that were eligible in the Jan-Dec period) into competition for distinction as a “Find of the Year” (FoY). A member may make one entry in each of the four categories. Finds and members must be present to be eligible. Voting members cast ballots for favorite finds, one vote per category. Votes are tallied, with the leading entry in each category earning the title “Find of the Year” for that category. Prizes will be awarded, accordingly. There is no overall FoY.

Ties for FoY will be resolved by a revote, members choosing between the tied entries.



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