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August 2 2020 Meeting Notes

Another great Sunday night get together

  • Don found his way back to the ZOOM Meeting and told us some Western MA adventures from the Pike, and advice about liquids and turkeys.
  • Members are reminded to consider buying End of Year raffle tickets. Odds a pretty good right now! For sale through our g mail account. We hope to be meeting by then. They will be awarded.

  • Judi joined us from the Cape

  • Ray (fresh from the hospital) joined us with Cheryl.

  • We agreed to meet up again August 16th for another night of wonder.

  • We missed you if you still haven’t found your way here, or to the Facebook page.

Remember to post your finds in the right thread on Facebook as a comment, and find a “dressed in fancy duds” photo for our next contest in a separate thread.

Prize winners on August 2  Sunday ZOOM Meeting

A picture of Judi and her “hunting buddy” Sharon won the photo contest.

50/50 Raffle Rick Smith won $60

Best of Facebook (last 2 weeks) Great finds this week (You can see them on FB)

1st prize Scott Ferguson white gold ring

2nd prize Glen Godwin 1906 Barber Half Dollar

3rd prize Judi Batchelder for another beautiful 1889 Seated Dime

Other Raffles were won by Scott, Rick (2) Judi, Mary, Johnny Cash and Dan