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August 16th 2020 Meeting

We started the meeting with a few tales of our Metal Detecting adventures, and how we started our hobby.

  • Scott told us one of the “leaf bag” stories we all eventually have, ending with absolutely no thanks for the effort.
  • Sandi recounted buying her first detector to try to find a lost gold bracelet she managed to lose in her own backyard. (still missing)
  • Paulo recounted his 6th grade camping trip when he observed a hunter pulling out a Mercury dime and deciding many years later to finally start the hobby after joining the club.
  • Glen started hunting the minute he retired after promising himself he would try the hobby.  He’s been out every day since using the latest tools to help him !
  • Don was a collector of many things including post cards.  His collecting buddy gave him a “coinmaster” that started his new hobby.
  • Mark flew to far locations with total strangers to hunt with detectors and dowsing rods with the permission of his wife.

Prizes went to:

Facebook best “formal wear photo” to Scott for his red bow tie shot.

Facebook Finds

1st Prize to Glen for his 1/2 Dime

2nd Prize to Scott for his 5 silver rings in one spot

3rd Prize to Stepper for a Silver Spoon

Other raffle prizes went to Judi Batchelder (2) and Mary McCue

Winning 3 Mercury Dimes each- Aiden Shea, John McGillicuddy (2), Don Latino, and Rick Smith

Mark Roberts won the 50/50 raffle $40

Two more raffle prizes  went to Paulo Adams and Glen Godwin