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August 30th 2020 Meeting Notes

Our meeting started with members showing their favorite or special coin.

  • Scott showed the 1903 Nickel that started him hunting.
  • Bob O’Neil showed us a 1847 large cent that was in a roll of quarters he bought for tolls.
  • Glen showed us the coin he wants to find next.
  • Judi strung her first silver coin on her charm bracelet.
  • Stepper found a 1745 silver coin that is his oldest, and in the best shape.
  • Sandi showed a capped bust she dug up in her sisters front yard.
  • Don showed us a Constantine 1310 roman coin he bought at auction.
  • Mark had a set of Walkers he was given in a business deal.
  • And John McG showed us many many Gold coins in his collection.

Prizes went to:

Facebook best “dangerous selfies” went to Paulo (exiting gas test chamber)

Facebook Finds

1st Prize to Glen for his Seated 1876 Quarter

2nd Prize to Aiden for his 14K Gold Band

3rd Prize to Scott for his 1936 Mercury Dime

Other raffle prizes went to Paulo, Sandi, (2) and John McG

Winning 3 Mercury Dimes each- Don and Stepper (2 sets)

And 7 Bonus Walkers to Judi,  John McG, Paulo, Stepper, Christina, Bobby and Marita

Paulo won the 50/50 raffle $50