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December 20 Holiday Party Meeting


33 Members attended our meeting on ZOOM ! 

Dave shared a picture of the rare  serial number 1 Dollar bill he found in his basement.  Our conversations turned to reality and historic hunting TV shows.

Paulo told us about his reality TV adventure. Rick shared his military history and exciting years around the world. Christmas wishes and imaginary refreshments were shared.

Best Facebook Favorite ” found without a detector ” was won by Judi with her petrified mystery item

Best Facebook Finds went to: (more photos on the FB page)

1st Prize Su Denault for her Gold Pendant

2nd Prize -Dave R  for his 18K ring

3rd Prize to -Judi for her silver ring

Bi weekly Raffle Prizes were won by: Paulo  Bobby and Su and Glen

The Indian Head Drawing was drawn to be (1) Victor won the 2 Standing Liberty Quarters!

Back to the beginning in the new year.

Holiday cash prizes and gifts were drawn for everyone who attended. All who attended won a door prize . Over 40 prizes were awarded to all attendees.

We then displayed and raffled off the 12 holiday drawing prizes after viewing them all again

2020 End of Year Raffle Prize Winners

January California Gold $1 Coin Sandi  Gilardi
February 1877 San Francisco Trade Dollar Bobby and Su Denault
March 1991 Korean War Memorial Silver Dollar Dave Rockwell
April 1988 Olympic Games Silver Dollar John  McGilicuddy
May 1989 Bicentennial Silver Dollar and Clad Proof Half Dollar Mary McCue
June 1986 Liberty Silver Dollar and Clad Proof Half Dollar Scott Ferguson
July 1853 Gold $1 Coin Glen Godwin
August 1885 Morgan $1 Paulo Adams
September US Mint 1995 Prestige Set with Commemorative Civil War Coins including $1 Coin Aiden Shea
October 1926 Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Dollar Mary Jane T
November 1934 D (Double Die) Peace Dollar Mark Roberts
December 1878 CC Morgan Dollar VF condition Kent Blethen

The Indian Head Drawing was drawn to be Mark Roberts who did not win the 2 Standing Liberty Quarters! Another Drawing soon and another coin to be added.

The 50/50 raffle ($84) was won by Glen