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January 17th 2021 Meeting

18 Members attended

The meeting opened with a lot of medical tales including a few that will slow down our hunting.   Some members are on crutches and many members have had some health encounters with relatives.

Tales continued with fun reports about the Penguin Outing last week. A club member (but who???) had seeded the beach with older coins and some silver. Raffles and a “30 second head start” was done as something new to add to the fun. 

Reports of some winter storm surges are coming in from hunters. The beaches will be getting ready for our spring hunting. Other discussions were of beach erosion and what to plan in the future.

Christina donated a book “Mapping Boston” to the club that eventually will go to the club library.

Don showed us some photos from his London trip  in 2011  when he went “mudlarking” in the past. We had a visit with Aiden’s cat family . 

Best Facebook Favorite ” item that inspired you ” was won by Rick for his shipbuilding photos.

Best Facebook Finds went to: (more photos on the FB page)

1st Prize Bobby D signet ring 

2nd Prize -Kent for a Gold  Ring with Stone

3rd Prize (tie) to  Stepper’s 1864 Indian head and Mary’s Large Cent

Bi weekly Raffle Prizes were won by: Mark R, Glenn, and Su

The Indian Head Drawing was drawn to be Dave R , who did not win the Silver, more will be added for the next meeting.

50/50 Raffle won by  Stepper ($75)