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July 16 2021 Meeting Notes

 24 attendees

Mark Roberts chaired the meeting and coordinated the prizes and discussion of the upcoming club hunt on October 2.

The MTHA welcomes four new members: Mike Recco Sr., and the Weinstock family, Laura, Stan and their son Aaron, from Wellesley.
Paulo Adams gave the Treasurer’s Report. Several half dollars including at least 7 scarce “commemoratives” from the 1920s and 1930s were purchased at a recent coin show, for the year-end Christmas raffle. This purchase brought the Club’s balance down to about $2500. Paulo explained how valuable these coins are, as they are uncirculated or close to it. Jim Meaney gave an update on our old Newton Highlands meeting site. It was supposed to be under construction with new yard work but no definite plans are known yet. Scott Ferguson will keep us up to date on where we will be meeting from month to month until we find a permanent new home, if we’re not back in Newton.

Congrats to Mike Recco on his discovery of a stupendous buckle from the 1600s that he found at a 17th-century farm site in Maine found  through family connections. Mike also mentioned that he has access to other very old properties in Maine for detecting. Good luck, Mike, and welcome to the MTHA!

Stepper detected a small but historically significant coin-silver spoon believed to be of British origin and dating from the late 1700s or early 1800s; and a sharp 1847 half dime with a story to share concerning a family connection between the spoon and the coin. Stay tuned for the details!

Joe Mishley won the silver dime raffle, which also contained several 40% silver
halves donated by Rick Smith. Thanks to Rick for his contribution!
Standard raffles:
Silver dollars/rounds – Mark Roberts, Mike Recco (2x), John Golden, Joe Mishley
1897 Barber quarter – Paulo Adams
Copper Netherlands duits – Karl Kenneway (1733), Mike Recco (1751)
World Coin book from 2006 – Phil Kolber
Scratch tickets – Bobby Denault, Aidan Shea, Mike Recco (2x), Rick Smith, Jay
Ela, Dan Schwartz, Bill Stowers, Scott Ferguson, John Golden
Indian head draw – Aidan Shea – didn’t win
50/50 ($50) – Joe Mishley