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August 20 2021 Meeting Notes

submitted by Stepper

There were 28 attendees at the meeting. We had three new guests:
Bryson who is Karl ’s grandson, age 9, Jen  of Walpole, Danielle from Quincy, a friend of Judi

Paulo Adams gave the Treasurer’s Report, indicating that we’re doing well and have a balance around $2700, plus lots of silver on hand for prizes. One item in particular was a 1924 Commemorative half dollar featuring the 300th anniversary
of Huguenot-Walloon and the founding of New Netherland, which later became New York. A 4-ounce Walking Liberty silver round dated 2000 was raffled off at the August meeting.
Scott Ferguson announced that unfortunately the MTHA won’t be holding any more live meetings for the foreseeable future, due to the uncertainty of the COVID situation.

Scott will let us know what the schedule will be for resumingour meetings on Zoom. He did mention that the new Zoom meetings will be replicated like the live meetings, with one entry per person per category for the Find of the Month contest. Dave Rockwell has volunteered to help out individuals to get set up on Zoom.

Scott showed us a counterfeit silver round that had been purchased by the Club, won by a member, brought to a coin shop that tested it, and returned for a refund. This fake was so well executed that it fooled all the experts here!
Scott also played a quick game with us where he stuck Standing Liberty quarters under some of the metal chairs, and several members won an SLQ.
Sandi gave us an update on the October 2 Club Hunt. There will be a 100- attendee maximum and the cost is $80 for members, $100 for non-members. Hopefully the hunt won’t be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, but masks will
be required.  No food will be supplied. The hunt field will be about 40% larger to accommodate up to 100 detectorists. The hunt will be a “rain or shine” event.  Sandi mentioned that we need volunteers to rake the area, plant coins and help set up for the hunt.

Jim Meaney won the silver dime raffle, which contained 14 dimes
Dave Rockwell won the 4-oz. Walking Liberty silver round
Two $10 Cabela’s gift cards were won by Jim Meaney and Paulo Adams
Mike Recco won a special cash prize
Standard raffles:
Silver dollars/rounds – Bob O’Neill, Dave Rockwell, Stepper Camilleis, Mike Recco
and Mary McCue
Franklin halves – Mike Recco (2x), Bryson Mikulskis, Cheryl Walsh, Dave Rockwell
1964 Mint sets – Dave Rockwell, Scott Ferguson
Presidential Coin Slab – Bryson Mikulskis
Barber dime draw – Ray Walsh – didn’t win
50/50 ($76) – Mary McCue

We are again suspending indoor in person meetings with the health of our members in mind. We plan on resuming a ZOOM biweekly format and continue to organize outings to hunt together.