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September 12 2021 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis

There were 19 attendees at the meeting.
Paulo Adams led off the meeting with a discussion of a new voting system while we’re once again holding our meetings in a virtual setting. Basically, we will be replicating how we conducted Find of the Month pre-COVID, with one entry per person per category (pre-1900 coins, 1900 to date coins, jewelry and relics) and a Best of Show. The major differences are that the entries must be submitted via
photo before midnight on the Thursday before the next scheduled Zoom meeting. Up to two photos per entry are allowed, on a light background with no flash, and a phone number must be provided.

The prime topic of discussion at this meeting was the upcoming October 2 Club Hunt at Houghton’s Pond in Milton. We have just 36 registered so far, with capacity to 100. This is a “rain or shine” event,

Mark Roberts mentioned that he was involved in a motor vehicle accident where someone ran a red light on September 3. Mark’s 2015 Frontier truck was totalled in the crash, but luckily he’s OK. Mark is presently looking for a similar replacement,

Dave Rockwell told a great story of how he bought some photos at an auction and was able to track them down, within seconds of posting on Facebook, to a reply from a New Bedford City Counsellor and his wife, identifying the pictures from their wedding in 2004!

Dan Schwartz told us of his exciting trip to North Carolina, to see his daughter off to college. Dan’s schedule turned out just in the nick of time to avoid Hurricane Henri, that we were so worried about hitting our neck of the woods a few weeks ago.
Don Latino discussed his recent discovery of several interesting Berkshire County post cards he picked up at a “post card show” in Brimfield.

Scott Ferguson mentioned that there have been some issues in dealing with the new manager of the Newton Highlands site where the MTHA met during the 38 years before COVID broke out and forced us to go virtual. Especially, the MTHA Library’s books that were stored in the foot locker, which raises concern of adequate storage and security.
It was  also discussed that were we to go back there to meet after COVID is done, the rate the new manager is charging seems exorbitant, and sadly, we may have to find a new permanent venue after 40 years of conducting meetings here.
Stepper Camilleis will enlighten us at the next Zoom meeting with two cool short stories from this summer, one involving an old silver spoon as well as an old silver coin, and the other related to an amazing watch fob discovery. Stay tuned!
1921 Morgan dollar – Judi Batchelder
1922 Peace dollar – Mark Roberts
Barber half dollar draw – Bobby Denault, didn’t win
50/50 ($45) – Stepper Camilleis