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December 19 2021 Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis
There were 21 attendees;  there was no update to the Treasurer’s Report, but there is a balance of between $4000 and $5000. Membership  dues must be submitted by the first meeting in January, $40 for individual,
$45 family. As for the actual new schedule, some of the details are still to bedetermined, but for the year 2022 we will go back to having full-on Find Of TheMonth contests with “L” level points for all finds submitted as well as a TH’er Of The Year contest as had been our tradition before COVID. The Club encourages  more participation in these events despite the fact that they will be virtual until further notice. The MTHA Web page has some technical difficulties, especially with regard to logging out, but members can watch the new FOM point progress now from that page.     Use your user name or email address to log in to see club news and updates.    

 Everyone had a great time at the, December 12 “Frostbiter” beach outing and the party at Judi ’s house, with lots of food, games and  prizes. Scott Ferguson mentioned that a 1-ounce silver round was given to each    attendee. Sylvia won a Morgan dollar. Many thanks to Sylvia for her donation in support of this event.
There was discussion of a theme for monthly prizes for the year-end raffle. Suggestion include:, 

  • obsolete denominations of U.S. coins, such as half cent, 2c,  3c and 20c.
  • multiple-ounce silver prizes (3, 4 or 5 oz.  rounds or equivalent.) A third suggestion was for 
  • “error coins” such as doubled  dies and wrong or off-struck planchets. 
  • one coin from each denomination from a particular year, of the cent through the silver dollar (six coins per set.)

In preparation for reinstating the “Lx” points, Dan Schwartz gave us a tutorial on  how this system of                 classifying finds works, and showed us the point level chart  that we use to evaluate dug items. This was especially helpful for the newcomers that joined the MTHA post-COVID and haven’t seen this in live action. There was also a recap of TH’ing stories from times past, including when Shane  left his detector at a site, and when he returned found it gone, the late John Govoni losing his detector, and Scott & Judi’s recent trip to Vermont. Scott also told us of his discovery in the 1990s of an amazing site in Tyngsboro where a Capped Bust quarter and lots of other very old coins were detected. Several of us also shared stories of their gleanings from CoinStar machines, such as US silver and foreign coins. There was also a discussion of conservation of iron items,  and Don mentioned that apple cider vinegar helps to remove rust.  Stepper Camilleis’ wife Marita has been suffering from an illness that prevented them from attending the 12/12 event. We all wish Marita a speedy recovery!
For the raffles at the 12/19 meeting, Aidan won a 1923 Peace dollar and  Sue won a 1922 Peace dollar. For the second consecutive meeting, Judi won the 50/50 raffle, which was $65  The Barber  half drawing was done by Joe but he did not pick the winning envelope.
Pre-1900 Coin:
1st – 1875 Seated Liberty quarter – Stepper Camilleis
No 2nd or 3rd place
1900-Later Coin:
1st – 1901 Barber dime – Stepper Camilleis
No 2nd or 3rd place
1st – Silver ring with blue stone – Aidan Shea
2nd – Silver ring with amethyst – Joe Mishley