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February 27 2022 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis

There were 26 attendees at our February 26 meeting. Treasurer Paulo reported a  balance of around $5600. Paulo announced a new special raffle of two 5-ounce silver bars, one being Engelhard and the other of Italian manufacture. A total of 200 tickets will be sold for this raffle and drawing will take place when all are sold.
A prime topic of discussion was the MTHA’s plan to seek out a new venue for live meetings when COVID is over. We would prefer a site near the Route 128 belt roughly within a 10-mile radius of our old meeting site in Newton Highlands. Several ideas were discussed, such as private schools, meeting halls, libraries and churches.
Dan Schwartz provided personal contact info in case there are any questions about whether a Find of the Month entry was received.

Judi, Sharon and Danielle are going to attend the “Relicon 2022” organized hunt scheduled for March 4-6 in Orangeburg, SC, sponsored by the South Carolina Dirt Diggers.” They will get to detect over 1000 acres of large fields and camp sites stepped in Revolutionary and Civil War history. Hopefully they will have some exciting stories to tell us at the next meeting!
Glenn Godwin is further on his way to recovery from his long illness. Stepper will keep us posted on Marita health developments.

As for latest happenings, Scott announced that there will be a “Shamrock Hunt”  on Sunday, March 20, at a South Shore area beach to be determined. Afterward, there will be another party at Judi’s house in Braintree.

The Penguin Hunt of February 13 at Salisbury Beach was a rousing success! An 1856 Liberty Seated half dime and an 1892 Barber dime were detected. The half dime was believed to be broadstruck and won Best of Show at the 2/27 meeting.

For the raffles at the 2/27 meeting, Rick won a 1923 Peace dollar and Sandi  won an 1879 Morgan dollar. Aidan Shea won the 50/50 raffle, which was $65. The Barber half drawing was pulled for Sandi , who was a winner by default as there was only one envelope left, and the “pot” was 13Standing Liberty quarters!

Sandi showed us several cool video clips of the Indian Head drawings as far back as the pre-COVID days of 2016 through 2019. Exciting moments!

Pre-1900 Coin:
1st and Best of Show – 1856 Liberty Seated half dime – Kent Blethen
1900-Later Coin:
1st – 1964 Kennedy half – Aidan Shea
2nd –Jewelry:
1st – 18K gold & Platinum ring – Joe Mishley
2nd – 14K gold ring – Aidan Shea
3rd – Floral Sterling ring – Mark Roberts
1st – c. 1780 Dandy button – Judi Batchelder
2nd – Skeleton key – Broderick Gumpright
3rd – Model Airplane – Joe Mishley