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April 24 2022 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis
There were 24 attendees at our April 24 meeting. Treasurer Paulo Adams indicated that there is a balance of around $6550. Paulo indicated that we will soon be stockpiling for the Fall Hunt at  Houghton’s Pond. There was also discussion of having more and larger members-only hunts, as well as the prizes being predominantly cash and silver coins.
It would be helpful if someone step in and help with the procurement of prizes and supplies for Club events. Coupled with Sandi’s ongoing management of the Club web site, she has quite a lot on her plate. Thanks to anyone who can help support her.
Scott Ferguson gave a recap of the 4/24 hunt at the farm in Lancaster. Although not much was found, Bart Navarro detected a 1770-75 George III British farthng, Glenn Godwin found a Mercury dime and  Broderick Gumpright found a Sterling silver ring. Still, we all had a great time, including visiting the ice cream/food stand on the farm property and shooting the breeze with our old TH’ing cronies. Glenn seems to be feeling much better from his illness now. Don Latino’s brother John joined the MTHA and was present at this hunt as well.
At this Zoom meeting there were discussions of past hunts, including Shane Le-Blanc’s amazing 2013 discovery of a cache of nearly 500 US silver coins that had been buried in a crock pot and mason jar in the 1960s. Don Latino mentioned that Shane has a medical issue he’s dealing with and we all wish Shane a speedy recovery. We also spoke about a box of coins found in the Charles River, a jewelry hoard and a set of Sterling silverware detected in a river many years ago. It was mentioned that in a recent period of drought, several spills of old coins were unearthed. Rick Smith stated that there is the possibility of removing the dam in Watertown.
Scott mentioned that for the first time, at this meeting, an “outstanding citizenship” award would be given, and Sylvia Cross was recognized for this. Congrats, Sylvia!
Paulo picked up several cool collector coins for a holiday raffle, mostly slabbed by PCGS, NGC or ANACS, for raffle prizes. First prize is an 1883 Shield nickel graded by ANACS as MS63, then a 1936 Cleveland Cent Commemorative half dollar MS65, a 1943-D Walking Liberty half in MS65, a 1940-D dime MS66 Full Bands paired with an 1883 Hawaiian dime, a 1913 Barber dime MS62, and a Deep Mirror Prooflike 1883-O Morgan dollar in MS61. Lots of high-grade coins here!
Don Latino and Dan Schwartz agreed to institute a new provision, such that an outstanding find that didn’t get enough votes to place in the Find of the Month contest should still be recognized to the tune of a special prize awarded to the finder. This was done for the first time, as this month, newcomer Mike Zelinski found an 1877 Indian Head cent, which is the rarest date of the entire series. This is a really welcome addition to the Find of the Month, because it frequently happens that one or two items just blow everything else away in terms of voting strength.

For the raffles at the 4/24 meeting, Joe Mishley won a 1924 Peace dollar and
and Paulo Adams won a 1923 Peace dollar.  Mary McCue won the 50/50 raffle,which was $55. The Barber half draw was pulled for Dave Rockwell but he didn’t pick the winning envelope.
Pre-1900 Coin:
1st – 1853 Liberty Seated quarter – Stepper Camilleis
2nd – 1877-CC Liberty Seated dime – Don Latino
1900-Later Coin:
1st – Standing Liberty quarter – Erica Fletcher
2nd – 1908 Barber dime – Mike Zelinski
1st and Best of Show – 5-diamong ring – Kent Blethen
1st – 1720-1770 Open work shoe buckle – Mike Zelinski
2nd – Coin silver thimble – Kent Blethen
3rd – Late 1800s coat clasp – Danielle Suarez

Judges award  1877 Indian Head cent   Mike Zelinski