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September 16th 2022 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis
There were 38 attendees present at our second meeting at the Newton Presbyterian Church. We used the larger auditorium of the church for better acoustics. Present were new member Doug of Salem
MA, guest Ken of Natick, returning member Denise of Holden, new members Bob and Leann of Middleton and new member Skip  of Lakeville who has been detecting for 40 years. Skip brought in some of his best finds to share with the Club, including three British gold coins, Spanish silver and other cool stuff he found over the decades. Also, former member Jay returned, after having discovered three large cents in one hole this month … welcome back, Jay and Denise!
Spotlight on Tom V, as he scored a stupendous find this month consisting of a large button issued for the  inauguration of George Washington in 1789, with the inscription LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT! This is actually a very rare artifact, with estimates of known samples ranging from several hundred to a few  thousand.
Treasurer Paulo mentioned that there was about $4000 in the bank after funds came in from registrations for the October 2 hunt. Sandi mentioned that so far only 52 out of a capacity of 100 attendees have  registered for the  hunt which will be held rain or shine. Rick spoke of the club’s Facebook group for further visibility of registration.
Jim gave an update on the Club Library and discussed the procedure for borrowing books, as the storage locker has been moved to the church from its former location. Jim also discussed meeting on FaceTime with Roy Gouge, who, had donated $200 to the club for purchase of Morgan dollars for the 10/2 hunt.
Don discussed submission of items for the Find Of The Month table, including choosing the correct “L point” level and providing supporting documentation for finds where the age or type of item is  questionable.
Scott told a great story about a trip he and Mary took to the Cape with a friend from another group. They were detecting at a beach about an hour from where they were staying. They were in a secluded area and at night, a “strange woman” got out of her car and approached Scott and the other detectorist. She
kept walking closer, and Scott didn’t know what to make of this until he realized it was Mary Jane !
Silver Dime Drawing – Joe M
Silver Rounds – Mary , Judi , Sharon , Jim M

Statue of Liberty Gold Plated Silver Ingot – Sharon
1857 Flying Eagle Cent – Kevin M
1976 Bicentennial Mint Set – Kevin M
Three 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollars – Karl
1988 Proof Set – Dave
2007 Presidential Dollar Proof Set – Cary
50/50 ($100) – Dave
Indian Head Draw – Kevin , didn’t win
Spring Steel Digger – Christina
Pre-1900 Coin:
1st – 1723 Hibernia halfpenny – Stepper
2nd – Spill of three large cents – Jay
3rd – 1893 Barber dime – Tom
1900-Later Coin:
1st – 1923 Peace dollar – Stepper
2nd – 1932 Washington quarter – Judi
3rd – 1941 Mercury dime – Danielle
1st – 1911 Harvard Class of 1891 Reunion watch fob – Stepper
2nd – 1900 Sterling spoon – Mary Jane Tsiakalis
3rd – 14K gold chain pendant – John GRelic:
1st and Best of Show – George Washington Inaugural Button – Tom V
2nd – Toy hand truck – Judi
3rd – Antique Padlock – Kevin M