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Author: Sandi Gilardi

June 19th Meeting Notes

There were 24 attendees present at the June 19 Father’s Day meeting. Before the meeting began in earnest, Dave and Glenn told stories of accidents where their cars were totaled. Luckily, Dave has suffered  only minor injuries and Glenn not at all. Hopefully they’ll both be back on the road soon with new wheels.
This month, Mary sold her house and Scott bought a new ’21 GMC Sierra SLT. Congrats to Mary & Scott! Scott also bought several US coins and received some free foreign coins for upcoming hunts scheduled for later this year.
The meeting kicked off with a recap of the schedule for the Salisbury Beach hunt on Sunday, 6/26. We will meet around noon in the parking lot for pizzas, play Left-Right-Center, have an impromptu silver jewelry hunt, and then be poised for a natural finds hunt when the low tide peaks around 4:00. We also spoke again about the second hunt planned for Salisbury on 8/7. We will meet at the Pavilion that morning, and a seeded hunt will begin at 10:00 in a sectioned-off area of the beach. There will be more games, such as corn hole, Left-Right-Center, canjam and frisbee. Anyone can feel free to bring soda and snacks, and the hunt is open to family members.
Judi Batchelder displayed several gimp projects her 2nd-grade students participated in this month, in addition to the 6/3 metal detector hunt. Judi also gave a recap of a weekend hunt she attended at an old farm  site in Jefferson, NH with Scott, Danielle and Sharon the weekend of June 10-12. They didn’t find many old coins there but still had a fun time.
Paulo gave a recap of the financial situation, where the balance is only around $2000, mainly because a lot of money was spent last month at the Nashua coin show, in preparations for hunts planned for this summer and  fall, so there would be adequate and ample prizes.
Dan gave a comprehensive tutorial of the Find of the Month, including entry rules, guidelines, voting and “level point” calculations, Best of Show, etc.
This discussion was especially helpful to newcomers and those who aren’t familiar with the process of evaluating and “scoring” a detected item. Sometimes it can be difficult for even seasoned TH’ers to estimate the age of a  relic or piece of jewelry, especially if its style carried on for a century or longer, and Dan has been recognized as an expert in this research with related business experience. Thank you for your insight, Dan!
The MTHA is still seeking a new venue for reinstating live meetings. Danielle and Stepper have some thoughts about potential sites, but no site has been yet pinned down in a feasible location and reasonably prices. This is a “work in progress” and any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

1923 Peace dollar – Mary Jane
1925 Peace dollar – Aidan
50/50 ($65) – Bob O
Barber Half Draw – Danielle , didn’t win
Pre-1900 Coin:
1st – 1776 Mexican 1 reale – Joe B
2nd – 1848 large cent – Stepper
1900-Later Coin:
1st – 1919 Standing Liberty quarter – Stepper
1st – Antigue 14K gold ring with CWE monogram – Aidan
2nd – Ruby & diamond ring – Kent
1st – Antique chalice – Bob O
2nd – c. 1720-1790 shoe buckle – Joe
3rd and Best of Show – 1700s crotal bell – Joe M

May 22 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis

There were 24 attendees present at the May 22 meeting. Scott and Mary were unable to attend. We kicked off the meeting with some social discussions such as home air conditioning systems, the recent riots at Hampton and Revere Beach, and Paulo attending that day’s Red Sox game. Paulo sat in the bleachers where the sun was beating down uncomfortably, but by the 4th inning he was able to move to the much shadier 3rd base side where he joined some of his friends. Joe M gave a recap of the 5/21 hunt in Coventry, RI sponsored by Dirt Fishing Adventures, where two incredible finds were made – a Draped Bust half dollar and a Morgan dollar! This segued into a discussion of other sites in Rhode Island where stupendous finds were made, such as Beau Freund’s 1652 Tree coin, and Bill Ladd’s great finds and related videos.

When the meeting got underway in earnest, the prime topic of discussion was the club hunt and barbecue planned for Sunday, August 7 at Salisbury Beach. We will meet at the Pavilion that morning, and a seeded hunt will begin at 10:00 am in a sectioned-off area of the beach. There will also be games, such as corn hole, Left-Right-Center, canjam and frisbee. Anyone can feel free to bring soda and snacks, and the hunt is open to family members.

Paulo gave a recap of the coin show he attended in Nashua, where he bought a full ration of coins for the fall hunt … 550 Mercury dimes, a roll of Standing Liberty quarters, some 40% silver halves, war nickels and a couple of silver dollars. He also purchased some defunct denominations such as an 1855 half cent, an 1853 half dime graded AU-58 by NGC, and an 1875-S 20-cent piece graded VF30 by PCGS. Paulo topped the display off with an encased group of six US proof sets date 1955, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961 and 1962, as a single prize. What great coins to win, all around!

Paulo also discussed the possibility of hosting another farm hunt sometime this fall after the harvesting season has ended. Paulo also reached out to the club again for anyone in need to have the member contact him via email with details.

Don and Dan  agreed to institute a new provision, such that an outstanding find that didn’t get enough votes to place in the Find of the Month contest should still be recognized to the tune of a special prize awarded to the finder. This was done for the first time, as this month, newcomer Mike Z found an 1877 Indian Head cent, which is the rarest date of the entire series. This is a really welcome addition to the Find of the Month, because it frequently happens that one or two items just blow everything else away in terms of voting strength. Thanks to Don and Dan for reaching out with this thought.


Peace dollar – Bob O’Neil     Morgan dollar – Rick Smith   50/50 ($50) – Sandi Gilardi


Pre-1900 Coin:
1st – 1853-O Liberty Seated half – Stepper Camilleis
2nd & Best of Show – 1809 Classic half cent/inverted “9” error – Glenn Godwin
1900-Later Coin:
1st – 1908-O Barber half & 1945 Mercury dime – Mike Zelinski
2nd – 1958 Franklin half – Mary Jane Tsiakalis
1st – 1919 Victory (over WW I) celebration brooch – Danielle Suarez
2nd – 18K wedding band – Kent Blethen
3rd – Antique gold bangle bracelet – Stepper Camilleis
1st – 1700s crotal bell – Danielle Suarez
2nd – c. 1850 Jenny Lind traveling show button – Stepper Camilleis
3rd – c. 1820 Haitian Phoenix button – Judi Batchelder

May 8 Meeting Notes

On our monthly Sunday chat meeting members talked about and made many plans for upcoming gatherings .  Summer plans include a repeat of our successful barbecue and get together in Salisbury. 

Our date of October 2 was chosen for our yearly open hunt.  Prices and registration plans were made.  Paulo updated us on what we might expect to find in the ground this year.  A repeat of lots of silver will be made possible as we shop throughout the year.