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Author: Sandi Gilardi

August 20 Meeting Notes

submitted by Stepper

There were 28 attendees at the meeting. We had three new guests:
Bryson who is Karl ’s grandson, age 9, Jen  of Walpole, Danielle from Quincy, a friend of Judi

Paulo Adams gave the Treasurer’s Report, indicating that we’re doing well and have a balance around $2700, plus lots of silver on hand for prizes. One item in particular was a 1924 Commemorative half dollar featuring the 300th anniversary
of Huguenot-Walloon and the founding of New Netherland, which later became New York. A 4-ounce Walking Liberty silver round dated 2000 was raffled off at the August meeting.
Scott Ferguson announced that unfortunately the MTHA won’t be holding any more live meetings for the foreseeable future, due to the uncertainty of the COVID situation.

Scott will let us know what the schedule will be for resumingour meetings on Zoom. He did mention that the new Zoom meetings will be replicated like the live meetings, with one entry per person per category for the Find of the Month contest. Dave Rockwell has volunteered to help out individuals to get set up on Zoom.

Scott showed us a counterfeit silver round that had been purchased by the Club, won by a member, brought to a coin shop that tested it, and returned for a refund. This fake was so well executed that it fooled all the experts here!
Scott also played a quick game with us where he stuck Standing Liberty quarters under some of the metal chairs, and several members won an SLQ.
Sandi gave us an update on the October 2 Club Hunt. There will be a 100- attendee maximum and the cost is $80 for members, $100 for non-members. Hopefully the hunt won’t be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, but masks will
be required.  No food will be supplied. The hunt field will be about 40% larger to accommodate up to 100 detectorists. The hunt will be a “rain or shine” event.  Sandi mentioned that we need volunteers to rake the area, plant coins and help set up for the hunt.

Jim Meaney won the silver dime raffle, which contained 14 dimes
Dave Rockwell won the 4-oz. Walking Liberty silver round
Two $10 Cabela’s gift cards were won by Jim Meaney and Paulo Adams
Mike Recco won a special cash prize
Standard raffles:
Silver dollars/rounds – Bob O’Neill, Dave Rockwell, Stepper Camilleis, Mike Recco
and Mary McCue
Franklin halves – Mike Recco (2x), Bryson Mikulskis, Cheryl Walsh, Dave Rockwell
1964 Mint sets – Dave Rockwell, Scott Ferguson
Presidential Coin Slab – Bryson Mikulskis
Barber dime draw – Ray Walsh – didn’t win
50/50 ($76) – Mary McCue

We are again suspending indoor in person meetings with the health of our members in mind. We plan on resuming a ZOOM biweekly format and continue to organize outings to hunt together.

July 16 2021 Meeting Notes

 24 attendees

Mark Roberts chaired the meeting and coordinated the prizes and discussion of the upcoming club hunt on October 2.

The MTHA welcomes four new members: Mike Recco Sr., and the Weinstock family, Laura, Stan and their son Aaron, from Wellesley.
Paulo Adams gave the Treasurer’s Report. Several half dollars including at least 7 scarce “commemoratives” from the 1920s and 1930s were purchased at a recent coin show, for the year-end Christmas raffle. This purchase brought the Club’s balance down to about $2500. Paulo explained how valuable these coins are, as they are uncirculated or close to it. Jim Meaney gave an update on our old Newton Highlands meeting site. It was supposed to be under construction with new yard work but no definite plans are known yet. Scott Ferguson will keep us up to date on where we will be meeting from month to month until we find a permanent new home, if we’re not back in Newton.

Congrats to Mike Recco on his discovery of a stupendous buckle from the 1600s that he found at a 17th-century farm site in Maine found  through family connections. Mike also mentioned that he has access to other very old properties in Maine for detecting. Good luck, Mike, and welcome to the MTHA!

Stepper detected a small but historically significant coin-silver spoon believed to be of British origin and dating from the late 1700s or early 1800s; and a sharp 1847 half dime with a story to share concerning a family connection between the spoon and the coin. Stay tuned for the details!

Joe Mishley won the silver dime raffle, which also contained several 40% silver
halves donated by Rick Smith. Thanks to Rick for his contribution!
Standard raffles:
Silver dollars/rounds – Mark Roberts, Mike Recco (2x), John Golden, Joe Mishley
1897 Barber quarter – Paulo Adams
Copper Netherlands duits – Karl Kenneway (1733), Mike Recco (1751)
World Coin book from 2006 – Phil Kolber
Scratch tickets – Bobby Denault, Aidan Shea, Mike Recco (2x), Rick Smith, Jay
Ela, Dan Schwartz, Bill Stowers, Scott Ferguson, John Golden
Indian head draw – Aidan Shea – didn’t win
50/50 ($50) – Joe Mishley

June 18th 2021 Meeting Notes

Five visitors joined us in Devens MA for the first Club meeting in over a year!

The club is strong and has continued to gain more members. We hope to get back into the Newton meeting place soon; but are waiting to hear from the Woman’s club on availability. 

Judi spoke about the accolades she received for helpers in her May 14th school hunt in a  Pembroke. Meeting members made it happen for some future hunters. We were glad to see Ray and Rick back with some medical miracles.

Our yearly club hunt is on for Saturday October 2 in Milton. Registration open late in July.

We started by recognizing all who helped keep the club connected thru these long months. Jim, Paulo,  Mark, Stepper, Sandi and Rick provided means to keep up to date with each other on ZOOM, Facebook, our website, and with running events.  We are all glad that Scott has kept us going and growing in Massachusetts.  Thank you to all who came to outings (we had many!) and ZOOM meetings.  Thanks to all who kept online portals up to date and accurate.

A few members from the Apple Valley Relic Seekers came to visit our club in addition to the 26 club members who enjoyed snacks, raffles and games run by the club in a nice atmosphere.

Marita won the Morgan Dollar in the Silver “Dime Quarter Half ” grab bag.

Bob Denault won the “bowl of silver raffle”.

Scott entered the “treasure chest”  alternative drawing, but ended up with a Dandy Don Dime.

Five dollar scratch tickets went to Judi, Don, Bob D, and Mary Mc.

The silver halves/1oz rounds drawings were won by Paulo, Mary Mc, Dave R, Rick and Johnny Cache

The 50/50 drawing of $103 went to Stepper

A few items made it to a finds table.  Be prepared for our next meeting on July 16th!


Pre 1900 Coin -1798 Penny Stepper

Post 1900 Coin- 1910S 1cent

Relic- WWII Gunner Badge  Broderick

No Jewelry entered !