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Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association was founded in 1981. Our club continues to meet in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts.
Our members come from all around the Massachusetts and New England area.
We welcome anyone who enjoys metal detecting to attend a meeting and share our hobby.
Every 3rd Friday of the month we meet at Newton Presbyterian Church, 75 Vernon Street in Newton.
Doors open at 7:00 P.M   Meeting begins at 7:45 P.M.   Guests are always welcome.
Meeting Structure
  • General business
  • Raffle drawings (usually a 1oz. silver bullion coin or silver dollar. On average, we give away 7-10 depending on meeting size and current silver prices)
  • Indian Head Penny Draw-winner takes home silver rounds  or a “Dandy Don Silver Dime”
  • NEW  Silver bowl drawing. Bring 90% silver coin to enter.  Winner takes all.
  • 50-50 Cash Raffle
  • Find-of-the-Month competition (silver coins are always awarded as prizes)
  • Program (Speaker, Demonstrations, Video/Slide shows, etc…)
  • Time between these, to rub elbows with members and guests
  • Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are most always available