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Enter Our ZOOM Meeting Room
Bi-Weekly Online Club Meeting Sundays7 PM
1st Week Meeting Only
2nd Meeting of the Month (week three) Finds Voting
Post Your Finds for 2022
Watch a Video of How to Enter Your Finds the week before

See below to submit your finds starting in 2022

Sunday Night ZOOM Chat Meetings 2022

Jan 2    Feb 12    March 13    April 10   May 8    June 5    July 17    August 14
Sept 11    October 9    November 6    December 4

 Chat room opens by 7:30 PM to any club members to make contact, make plans to get together or share hunting information. For finds meeting dates see below.

Online Finds Meeting   How to Participate

In 2020 and 2021 members continued to hunt and found many great items.  We suspended our find of the month points tallying because many members did not use Facebook or ZOOM. To be fair we gave prizes of silver and congratulations to those who participated but did not make an attempt to record data for awarding Treasure Hunter of the Year.  This year we have a new system and voting set up using online resources.  The club will use this method until safe in person meetings can happen.  We are still hunting!

Early Members Only Discounted Hunt Registration $90 members only Opens July 15th save $35 register before August 16 (price will be $125 per hunter)

Current and Past Standings For Treasure Hunter of the Year

Each tab is a current or former year.  THOY was suspended in 2020 and 2021.

We will be using a new method to submit items in 2022. This video explains how to participate.

2022 End of Year Raffle Prizes

One item [value $100 to $150] is added each month. Purchase $2 raffle tickets at a meeting or by mailing your money to the treasurer. Raffle is held at end of year meeting. This years theme is vintage and antique coins of exceptional quality. Members can win only one of the items. There will be 12 items